What “Exactly” is Boyfriend Bears?

Boyfriend Bears is a not-for-profit organization that encourages pre-teen and teenage girls to live a life of purity. We provide the opportunity for girls to make a stand for what they believe in and to stay strong in their morals. Boyfriend Bears was founded by Madison Wiese at age 14. Read more

Dreams of Making a Difference

A little girl with BIG dreams; that was me! When I was 10 years old I began thinking about how I could change the world. I can definitely see now how God was shaping my desires, passions, and life to make a difference.  Read more


What Parents Say...

I have learned that when your children come to you and share that God is leading them to "do something" you PRAY like crazy and then encourage and support them in any way that you can.

Alesha Wiese

Madison's Mom and Executive Director of Boyfriend Bears