Answers to most Frequently Asked Questions:


My daughter wants to host a session but doesn’t know a lot of girls.

Think about contacting your school counselor (Christian Schools most receptive) or church youth group leader to host a session.

How many girls can I invite to a session?

Ideally 5- 10 when hosted in a home. School and Youth Groups may be larger depending upon how many small group leaders you have to help us out.

What do you mean by pre-teen and teen-age girls? What age group is this?

We have found that the most receptive age groups to our sessions are 7th, 8th, and 9th grade girls. However, it really depends on the maturity of the individual.

How much does it cost to host a session? 

HOSTING A SESSION IS AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE FREE! It is our heart’s desire and the long-term vision of our organization to share the purity message with as many girls in and around our community as possible. We are currently giving each girl that attends one of our sessions a FREE Boyfriend Bear as well. At this point we are self-funded and are relying on donations to sustain us. It is becoming very evident that the ability to continue providing a FREE Boyfriend Bear for each girl that attends a session may not be a reality in the future, but we will continue doing so as long as possible.

Can I buy a Boyfriend Bear?

YES, as of fall of 2012. Go to SHOP to check it out.

In the fall of 2011 when BFB’s was established the answer was NO. The intent of our organization was to positively impact our “local community” by giving every girl that attended one of our 3 hour sessions her very own Boyfriend Bear. We have recently received a flood of e-mails both nationally and internationally requesting to purchase our Boyfriend Bears.

We have prayed about it and realize our Boyfriend Bears should be available for any girl interested in living a life of purity.  It is however, VERY important to us that our Boyfriend Bears come with a special message of encouragement.  This special message is called an instructional tag, and ships with each Boyfriend Bear order.  Additionally, Our Free Purity Pledge can be downloaded, signed and tucked away in the Bears secret pocket hidden behind his neck under the ribbon.

What about sessions for those of us who don’t live in the State of Washington?

We are praying for God to reveal His plan

How is Boyfriend Bears being funded?

So far it has primarily been self-funded by Madison’s family. This little idea has become much larger than we ever imagined. Boyfriend Bears filed for and actually has  received its 501(c) (3) status spring of 2012, which means that all donations are now tax deductible. We have received many donations and pray daily for God’s provision. Applying for grants and fundraising is next on our agenda!

What curriculum do you use during the power point presentation?

P.A.C.T (Purity, Abstinence, Consecration, and Truth) Information compiled and Written by Stacy Mouat. For more specific information go to What We Do/Curriculum

Do you encourage parent involvement during the sessions?

We encourage involvement from the session host or youth group/small group leader. The adult supervisor at the session will be happy to answer any questions that parents may have before or after the session.

How do I donate?

It’s easy and so appreciated! You may donate online or by sending a check to Boyfriend Bears/PO BOX 375/Lynden, WA 98264. For more information please go to our Support Us page. Thank you.

Do you have curriculum available for out-of-state requests?

We are in the process of praying about our “next” steps. Hopefully, this will become a reality by fall of 2013, if not sooner.

Can my daughter start a Boyfriend Bears Chapter in our hometown? 

We are currently praying about the possibility.