How it Works


Boyfriend Bears How It Works

The Boyfriend Bears session has been designed to be a girl’s night out to discover God’s truth regarding purity. It’s a fun time to hang out with friends, dive into conversations about guys, dating, relationships, and how to become the women God created you to be!

While participating in an interactive session girls will follow along in the Purity is a Battle session guide that includes: a Guided Workbook, Purity Pledge, Dream List, Life List, and Letter to My Future Husband journal pages.

After girls have participated in a session they are encouraged to dig a little deeper into God’s Word and spend the next 30 days reflecting on scripture. (30 day Bible Study included in the back of Purity is a Battle session guide)


Because purity is a battle worth fighting for! During a session, girls will discover:

  • What is Purity?
  • Why Wait?
  • How Can Purity Become a Lifestyle?

After learning about purity, God’s design of sex, and how to live out faith in obedience to Christ, it is helpful to have a visual reminder of a commitment to purity.  That’s what the stuffed Boyfriend Bear is for. Not only is he cuddly and huggable, he is also that visible symbol of a heart’s commitment to God. It’s never too late to live a life of purity. Our prayer is that the Boyfriend Bears session experience will transform girl’s hearts and encourage them to become bright lights in this dark world!


Boyfriend Bears offers three ways to reach, educate, and encourage girls to live a lifestyle of purity:

  • Come to a Session
  • Facilitate a Session
  • Host a Session

 For more information about participating in or facilitating a session click here.