What is Boyfriend Bears?

Boyfriend Bears is a not-for-profit organization that encourages pre-teen and teenage girls to pursue purity as a lifestyle, make good choices and ultimately commit their hearts to Jesus!

Boyfriend Bears GroupOur Boyfriend Bear

It is helpful to have a visual reminder of your commitment to purity. That’s what your stuffed Boyfriend Bear is for. Not only is he cuddly and huggable, he is also that visible symbol of your heart’s commitment to God. He even has a secret pocket where you can tuck away a Purity Pledge, lists and a letter.

With God’s strength and the help of accountability partners, family and -The Boyfriend Bear -you will be ready to pursue a life of purity. After you choose the Stuffed Boyfriend Bear to be your “symbol” or visual reminder of your commitment to purity we encourage you to do the following:

1) Commit to God

Make a commitment to God of a life of purity. Ask Him to help keep your heart, mind and body pure.

Remember, purity doesn’t “just” happen overnight. It is a daily process and a life-long pursuit. You might consider putting your commitment in writing. You can write it yourself or download and print out our free Purity Pledge. Pray about your commitment and offer it to God as you fill out the pledge.

2) Make Lists  

Think about the kind of woman you want to become. Character? Life Goals? How to use your dreams, gifts or passions to love God and love others? Write it down make a “Life List”. Remember, the kind of woman you become affects the kind of wife and mother you will be. Aim high!

Think about what you desire in your future husband. Character? Personality? Goals and dreams? Interests and passions? Write it down. Make a “Dream List”. Remember this is the kind of guy you are looking for when you start dating. Set high standards. (These list journal pages are included in our Purity is a Battle session guide…visit our shop page).

3) Write a Letter 

Pen your heart-thoughts to your future husband.We girls on the Teen Board each wrote a letter to our future husband and tucked them away in our Boyfriend Bear’s secret pocket. We hope you will do the same when you are ready. Some things we included in our letters were our current interests, a school picture, favorite Bible verses, and promises to Him. We can’t wait to give our Boyfriend Bears to our husbands on our wedding day and read these special letters with him.

We hope you will love your Boyfriend Bear as much as we love ours! We encourage you to treasure him and put him in a place where you will be reminded every day of the commitment you have made and how truly precious you are in God’s eyes.

Love and Hugs,

Bridget, Daphnee, Holly, Jenah, Kendra, Lauren, McKenzie, and Madison
(2012-2013 Teen Board)

Boyfriend Bears Group Photo 2